First Impression… Canned Moisturiser?!

It’s no secret that the make-up industry is all about innovation this year. From the ‘Sili-sponge’ to magnetic face masks, beauty products are getting wierder and wilder.

Although this product may not be the strangest I’ve seen, I decided to try out a new moisturiser… But it’s in a spray can?!

The Garnier Moisture Bomb Hydrating Mist is an “on-the-go hydrating mist”. It claims to be suitable for use over your make-up, as a hydration top-up throughout the day to “refresh and protect” your skin. It has SPF 30 in it which is a bonus for me as I LOVE anything with SPF in it- no need to wear a sticky suncream underneath!

This product also claims to prevent the oxidation of foundation and concealer. (You know, when a foundation’s totally your colour when you buy it, then half way through the day it looks bright orange? That’s oxidation) An anti-oxidising mist sounds pretty amazing to me, so whether to buy this or not wasn’t really a  hard decision for me.

When trying it out, I figured that the average person would be wearing this mist on a warm day, so I did my make-up quite light and fresh looking.


I then sprayed this directly over the top EXACTLY as described on the product.

Step one: Shake well (Okay, spray can is shook)

Step two: Hold 15cm away from face (Done!)

Step three: Spray!

Honestly, to say I was underwhelmed would be an understatement. I really wanted this spray to be amazing. I really wanted it to feel hydrating and refreshing, I wanted it to be a fine cooling mist, I wanted it to feel super light weight and I wanted it to be fun to use.

It was none of these things.

The spray nozzle itself is like a deodorant can, it’s kind of hard to depress and then suddenly goes at once- meaning you end up with a patch of skin SOAKED in the product. It feels quite drying and is definitely not the hydrating mist I was expecting. The smell is overwhelmingly like off-brand suncream and the texture was too! When applied to my cheeks it made my foundation turn patchy and worst of all- It coated all the tiny hairs on my face in white!


So… Would I recommend this product?

If this mist didn’t smell so bad and chemically, I would still potentially use it when I’m going bare-faced on holiday or at the beach. However, due to the smell and how hard it was to evenly coat my face, I can safely say I would NOT recommend this product to anyone! Definitely not the kind of innovative product I’m looking for!




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